From 26.08.2018

Bragis the Headphone

I got the Headphone some months back and I have to say I really like them. Sadly, there are some drawbacks:

  • The Microphone sucks, you will sound like crab
  • Audio Transperacy is awesome, but unusable during times of Wind (mics will pick up a lot of noise)
  • Occasionaly the left ear will ?not turn off correctly? and stop working afterwards, find the fix below

The times left is dead are really anoying, as you need a power source to fix it. Like 🤬. Still, the sound is good and they fit nicely - they definitly can’t fall out of your ear.

Also, I think since I stop playback and the turn the off the left one does no longer die (instead of switching off while playing music).

Fixing on Sound in Left Ear

  1. Make sure that The Headphone is fully charged (Both sides will light up constantly when being placed in The CarryCase which is being connected to a power source.
  2. Pair your The Headphone with your smartphone and play music, even if it’s only working on the right side
  3. Pause the music and put the right and left The Headphone back in The Carry Case
  4. Connect The Carry Case to the PC while it is still on
  5. The Headphone will automatically turn off (correct behavior) once connected to your PC (right Headphone will flash a few times)
  6. Afterwards, both sides of The Headphone will start flashing in sync to indicate that both are charging
  7. Press the “power on” button and keep it pressed on the right HP until it starts flashing rapidly (pairing mode)
  8. Go to the Bluetooth settings of your phone and select your The Headphone again
  9. Disconnect your Carry Case with the right and left The Headphone from the PC
  10. Insert both (already on) into your ears
  11. Press the power on button quickly to start music playback


I did Steps 1 to 6 for a cupple of times until it worked again. However, this did not work well for me. But doing Step 11. bofore 9. (start playing musik while it is still loading in the case) worked.

Then, the steps above did no longer do the trick and I got in touch with support. They sad:

We found out that some of those cases could be resolved by completely discharging the battery of The Headphone. I would like to ask you to completely drain your Headphone´s battery. Afterwards fully recharge The Headphone and report back to us if this procedure in particular worked for you.


Place The Right Headphone in The Carry Case and connect it to power via USB. Hold both the “+” and “-“ buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds until the LED flashes multiple times, then release the buttons. The Headphone will now clear its memory of known devices.

Clearing the memory helps. However do not place both Headphones in the case, that did funny stuff to mine. But resync them afterwards (Put the left one in and wait for Step 6 to happen).